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Sustainable Outcomes

Working together to deliver positive sustainable outcomes for individuals

We support every individual to achieve their chosen goals

We recognise each client's recovery will be supported by a variety of people and organisations. Our role is to help each individual, and their supporting MDT, to access the right support at the right time and to develop sustainable community support networks independent of ourselves.

With each individual at the centre, we work with our partners to monitor progress against agreed goals and each individual's own perception of their progress. We do this with reference to the 8 Areas of Life referred to in the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 being Finance and Money, Accommodation, Personal care and physical wellbeing, Education and Training, Work and Occupation, Parenting or Caring Relationships, Social culture or spiritual and Medical and other forms of Treatment. 

Our aim is also to support every individual to self-manage their health and taking ownership of the outcomes they are achieving is a vital initial component of this. This journey also represents the opportunity to reduce the amount of paid support as dependency reduces and progress is made within the placement towards independent living. 

Integra is proud of its track record in assisting many individuals to move on from its residential care homes to live successfully independently in the community long-term. 

Mental Health Measure

Integra operates in support of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 and its guiding principles.

Individuals are involved in the planning, development and delivery of care and treatment as much as is possible as this promotes their recovery and the successful achievement of their agreed goals. 


As the 1000 Lives toolkit "Co-producing services : Co-creating health" states 'Co-production is an approach...which involves citizens, communities, and the professionals that support them, pooling their expertise to deliver more effective and sustainable outcomes and an improved experience for everyone involved.

The co-production process begins with the question 'how do you want to live your life?' rather than 'what services are you eligible for?' This starting point recognises that citizens and service-recipients are experts by experience and can identify what is important to them, and they also have rights and responsbilities as equal partners in the process'

Integra is committed to a co-production approach to supporting every individual to achieve positive sustainable community outcomes and to integrating best practice in outcome monitoring arising from the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014. 



Integra welcomes referrals for men and women over 18 with a mental health diagnosis and/or an acquired brain injury. 

We have residential care, supported accommodation and outreach services in Cardiff, Carmarthenshire, Neath, RCT and Swansea.

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Service Overview

Integra provides residential care, domiciliary care and supported accommodation services.

We support clients across South Wales. 

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