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Information for the communities in which our homes are based

Our primary service is supporting individuals with enduring mental health needs that may be complex, although we also welcome referrals for individuals with a learning disability, on the autistic spectrum, with acquired brain injuries, with korsakoffs or younger onset dementia.

Our support extends to those with a dual diagnosis - for instance individuals with a learning disability and mental health needs.

Most of our clients will have had mental health issues. As you may know, many people experience mental health issues in their lifetime (“one in four”). All individuals we support will have been assessed by their NHS clinicians as being able to live in the community safely. 

Individuals we support may require support and rehabilitation in respect of activities of daily living which most of us tend to take for granted such as shopping, cleaning, cooking, using public transport, accessing further education, working and pursuing their chosen leisure activities.

We have a track record of helping individuals successfully reintegrate into the community following periods of hospital admission.

Many individuals we support either have, or will go on to have, jobs or other regular community commitments and are very much actively involved in community life.

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Integra has a successful long-term track record of supporting individuals to achieve positive outcomes.

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Service Overview

Integra provides residential care, domiciliary care and supported accommodation services.

We support clients across South Wales. 

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